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Hi there!!!

I’m Danell Bliss and I am the owner and creator of Blomfort.

On a night of heavy drinking and DM’s with my bestie, I thought that I would go right ahead and make a basic brand of clothing called “Blomfort” with a slogan of “Pure Bliss & Comfort”. I mean how great would that be? I wear black and basics a lot, who else wouldn’t want this???

Unfortunately it came to my attention that I can not sew,……. or draw patterns,……. or do anything that resembles making clothing. So I had to come up with another idea…. for now….  {WATCH THIS SPACE}

I went to the simple craft of macrame and crochet. My love for crochet has begun since birth. Im not afraid to admit that from birth I have had a crochet blanket that my mum made for me and have never slept without it…. Unfortunately on a trip to the states for Coachella my beloved blanket went astray and I was without… I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat and i needed to do something about it… So I went to my mum and my best friends mum “Granny Bosh”, who by the way is basically my mentor on all things wool and crochet, and begged them to teach me how to crochet.

Then it began.

I have made products from your basic granny square blanket to gorgeous little amigurumi toys. I cant get enough. From there I was looking on my FB one day and saw that there was a workshop for macrame making. I went along, learnt how to make them and decided that this is one of the easiest crafts I think you can learn. So easy and so satisfying, you come out with this amazingly beautiful, awesome product and it just really makes a home or space.

Basically just a full lover and creator of macrame, crochet and all things handmade. I have the usual lusts for life and a great love for food. I’ve called Busselton, Western Australia my home for half of my life, but Im originally a farm girl from New Norcia, Western Australia.

I am always happy when I am feasting under the sun and stars with all my bestie’s and family, major beach lover and bather, love love love to travel and would do it for a living if I could but most of all I give all my love and life to my partner Jeremy and my son Harvey George. He’s so gorgeous {swooooon}

My aim, is to simply share my love of these simple crafts, but also inspire people to be better versions of themselves and just get on out there and learn something new.

So come along with me and check me out, Im basically going to be dribbling crap about my life, showing off the products that I make (oh and you can totally buy them) and just simply hanging out on the world wide web. So go ahead, drop me a line, buy something cool or just stalk me. Either way I’ll be happy.

Much Love

Danell Bliss – Blomort


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